KettleGuard wrist guards1. What is so unique about KettleGuard?

KettleGuard is the only patented (U.S. Patent No. 8,726,413) protective wrist band product on the market to address the technical and comfort issues associated with kettlebell lifting and training.  KettleGuard is the choice of World Champions and beginners alike!  KettleGuard has protected athletes on the platform at IUKL World & European Championships, WKC World Championships, as well as countless other prestigious International Kettlebell Competitions!

KettleGuard is the only adjustable wrist protection deviceavailable for kettlebell lifting.  Add or remove inserts to accommodate your level of comfort! Add or remove inserts as you progress in your training!

KettleGuard patent2. Why does the KettleGuard have a slim and flexible fit?

KettleGuard was designed by Champion Kettlebell athletes to enhance your Kettlebell lifting and training experience. You will notice that most elite kettlebell lifters do not use wrist wear due to the fact that an object around the wrist can possibly disturb or obstruct the proper handling of the Snatch or Clean technique.  Unlike thick plastic or metal plates found in other products (which are illegal in the International Union of Kettlebell Lifting), KettleGuard’s slim and flexible design allows you to train properly while keeping the kettlebell as close to your arm/wrist as possible. As experienced lifters, we know that hand insertion is key to Snatch and Clean technique.  KettleGuard allows the user to achieve the closest possible distance between the hand/wrist and the kettlebell.  With Kettleguard, you benefit from tactile feedback so that technique enhancements can be made as your lifting advances!

KettleGuard patent 3. I am a beginner Kettlebell lifter and I am banging my forearm/wrist when doing Cleans and Snatches. Will KettleGuard help me?

KettleGuard will help you to an extent. Unlike other wrist bands that either provide no reinforcement or ones that use a thick padding, KettleGuard is adjustable. You can purchase additional plastic strips to thicken the density of KettleGuard for impact resistance. However, the best way to avoid forearm/wrist discomfort is to learn proper kettlebell lifting technique. *Keep in mind that using a thick padding around your wrist will possibly disrupt your technical training. KettleGuard was designed so that you can feel when you’ve made a technical mistake, providing feedback as you progress to heavier kettlebells. Using thick padding will often masked your technical mistakes, only covering up weak links in your technique.

4. Will KettleGuard help absorb perspiration and sweat?

Absolutely. KettleGuard is made of comfortable terry cloth material to absorb water and moisture.


5. How do I wash KettleGuard?

Just put your KettleGuard in your washing machine with cold water and detergent. Use the lite cycle and air dry only. Do not put the KettleGuard in your dryer.


6. Do I have to remove the plastic inserts prior to washing KettleGuard?

No, the plastic strips do not have to be removed for washing. Please be sure that you are washing in cold water.