Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls (ICKB Girls) team from the San Francisco Bay AreaIn 2008, the newly formed Ice Chamber Kettlebell Girls (ICKB Girls) team from the San Francisco Bay Area set out to make an impact and change the perception of Kettlebell Sport in the Western World. Outside of Eastern Europe and Russia, Kettlebell competitions were virtually unknown.

By becoming the first official all women Kettlebell Sport team in the world and dominating regional and national competitions, the ICKB Girls introduced a new style of athleticism that contrasted the previous impressions of the Kettlebell community – big strongmen that drank pickled juice and vodka. Instead the ICKB girls used their grace, art, and power to win competitions over and over, eventually catching the eyes of women, and men, around the world and inspiring people of all fitness levels to enter what is considered a fringe sport in the United States, but the “national sport” of Russia.

In 2009, ICKB team member Jessica DiBiase became the first American to earn the Master of Sport Rank in the Long Cycle event, while Maya Garcia became the first American to win the Best Overall Lifter Award in the prestigious International Union of Kettlebell Lifting (Ventspils, Latvia). By 2010, all four members of the ICKB Girls earned their Master of Sport ranks, making them the only team in the USA to hold such a unique honor and first athletic team to be sponsored by Athleta / GAP.

With the growing accolades and experience, Jessica, Maya, and Steven Khuong (head coach) concluded that there was a need for wrist and arm protection if athletes wanted to excel in the sport. In 2010, the three co-founders developed a protective device that solved the issues unique to kettlebell training and competition earning U.S. Patent No. 8,726,413. Kettleguard is the only patented, slim, flexible, and interchangable reinforced wrist wrap on the market to address the technical problems associated with Kettlebell Sport and Kettlebell training.

In 2011 KettleGuard was featured in leading industry trade journals such as IDEA Fitness Journal and wide distribution consumer prints such as Experience Life and San Francisco Magazine.

In 2012 KettleGuard extended its partnership reach with distribution in Europe and Canada, while concurrently expanding its product offerings and earning user testimonials from some of the best and most recognizable athletes in Kettlebell Sport.

In 2013 KettleGuard distinguished itself as the most loyal brand among users in its product category,  launched its Global Athlete Sponsorship program, became endorsed by the American Kettlebell Alliance / International Union of Kettlebell Lifting.

In 2014 KettleGuard sponsored athletes set numerous International Records and Championship titles validating the exclusive brand within its product category.

In 2015 KettleGuard rebranded the ICKBGirls website to extend the reach of content for the global Kettlebell Sport community earning the top organic search result on Google, and continues to be recognized as the premier brand of Kettlebell Sport and Training accessories worldwide.